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Join a Network Dedicated to Helping Those Who Served Our Country

Our Veteran-focused medical network is growing! We invite all medical professionals to join our network and be part of the movement dedicated to helping those who have served our country. Gain access to the resources and tools offered by our team and get the opportunity to make an impact on Veteran’s lives with your services. Be part of something rewarding today – join and become part of our Veteran-focused medical network!

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What We Do

TekMed™ is a global network of medical professionals dedicated to helping those who have served in over 40 states and three countries.

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Technology Development

TekMed™ specializes in developing innovative software and technology solutions for medical providers to use. Our goal is to make healthcare processes more efficient and effective.

Payment Processing

TekMed™ is a global network of medical professionals dedicated to helping those who have served in over 40 states and three countries.

Customer Support

We understand the importance of ensuring that our technology is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and we strive to provide comprehensive training and support to our clients.

Quality Control

TekMed™ places a strong emphasis on quality control to ensure that our products and operations meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Our Numbers

Our Numbers

Veterans Served
States Covered
Dedicated to Veterans

Why Join TekMed™

Large Patient Network

We provide you with patients that you don’t have to seek out. You can also leverage your business that is already in use.

Payment Collection

You no longer have to handle the collection of money or insurance paperwork. We collect the payments and pay a guarantee per patient.

Flexible Office Hours

You can supplement your current practice with TekMed™ patients or only do TekMed™ part-time.

Innovative Software and Technology

We help with complicated form completions with our proprietary intuitive software.

Trusted Service

We believe in happy patients and medical providers! TekMed™ delivers 100% satisfaction to its medical providers through trust, integrity, and confidentiality.

More Time with Patients

We provide ample time to focus on each patient and their long-term care.

Interested in Joining the TekMed™ Network?

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Are you a Veteran looking for care?

You can utilize our network of nearly 200 doctors across 40 states and three countries who are Veteran-focused and understand the VA disability process.

By utilizing a third-party medical provider for your evaluation, they can take the time to ensure your evaluation thoroughly describes your conditions, so you get the rating you deserve.

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