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TekMed is Powered by DBQ Doc Software Solution

Are you a Veteran-focused medical practice looking for a software solution to make your VA medical evaluations seamless?

Contact us to see how we can help.

Focusing More on Your Patient

Our software, DBQ DocTM, is built for medical providers to help them navigate and understand the VA Disability Claim’s process including the medical evaluation form, Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ). This confusing document is often filled out incorrectly, which leads to your patient not getting the benefits they deserve. By utilizing the software, you are able to spend more time with the patient to better understand their conditions and concerns. Our software solution will help process the DBQ form in the correct fields for more accurate claims.

Providing Software Solutions for Medical Practices to Help Those Who Served Our Country

Contact us to learn more about our innovative solution as more information becomes available. The full solution will include patient intake, appointment scheduling, payment processing, Compensation and Pension Exam documentation, interactive Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) by conditions, and more.

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